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Lukeisha Miller

A new year.  A new way of doing business.  A new story to tell.  None of us would have ever imagined life, as we currently know it.  Education has taken on a different platform and the traditional way of doing business is literally non-existent.  As we continue to navigate through unfamiliar territory, I challenge you to broaden your horizon, be curious about things that will help build your capacity, and remember to breathe as you find balance in it all. 

This is our year to embrace opportunities that perhaps seemed impossible to do in the past.  This is our year to be a better and more diverse champion for every child at Phillis Wheatley Elementary.  This is our year to bask in the comfort that we are preparing and challenging our scholars to see life through a different lens.  This is our year to change the narrative of what has been into the story that will be echoed from generations to come. 

It is an honor and an absolute pleasure to carry the torch of leadership that will ignite the path to sustained success that others will follow.  The great late John Lewis once said, “I believe that you see something that you want to get done, you cannot give up, and you cannot give in.”  There is a beautiful narrative to rewrite about Phillis Wheatley Elementary and it will take all of us (parents, students, and staff members) to work together to get it done.  As we interlock our core values, determination, expertise, and willingness to learn from each other we will make it happen!

The 2021-2022 school year will be trending years from now because of the resilient stakeholders in our community.  Gratitude overshadows me when I think about the work we will do together, as we advocate and create better lifestyles for our children.  Thank you for being a champion who will change lives forever!

Lukeshia J. Miller
Proud Principal


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